Organised Jungle

Organised Jungle

An organised jungle, in my definition is making art within the chaos. I’ve never been one to live in a physical mess, but I think mentally it does me in if I see things out of place. But more to the point, it just makes my life seem more difficult to move about when I’ve misplaced things, or even worse, in a rush to find what I need and having to substitute. Everybody’s worst nightmare.

I wanted to share some tips to help make your life that little bit easier for those busy mornings, rushed events and crazy evenings out…

Daily Shots

  • Do prepare the night before, because if you don’t, you will cost yourself sweat and wrinkles.. Something we know we don’t need.
  • Check your food inventory before going out to the shops, as it’ll save you time browsing too long and buying something you didn’t particularly want in the first place (avoids any unplanned purchases).
  • Tidy as you go so the job doesn’t seem as big when you come to clearing it all up. You could have a family member, friend or partner help you.

Organising your clutter

  • Do spend time looking at your clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery. Ask yourself if you would still wear that item 6 months on. If you haven’t worn it in 6 months (except for swimwear), it’s got to go ladies!
  • Colour coordinate your wardrobe to make your life easier and more fun when getting dressed up in the morning.
  • Roll up your clothes if space is an issue.
  • Keep little bits and bobs in boxes/containers so it’s neat and tidy, and most importantly in ONE PLACE.
  • Place shoes you don’t wear very often in clear boxes and stack them. You’ll see what you have, whilst having it in an orderly manner.
  • Heck, box anything that is fiddly and untidy, it is perfect for electronic equipment as wires always get tangled with everything else.

My biggest lesson is just letting go of things I don’t use, or see often. If I don’t think of it, and I don’t use it, it needs to go. By all means, there will be sentimental items, and those can be stored separately. I like to showcase my pieces by framing it, or giving them a spotlight on our TV stand. Having sentimental objects in your eye view will make you appreciate them more.

A good old clear out is what most people need. You can’t add more to your life because you physically and mentally have no space. Sometimes a thorough review of your inventory is just what you need to start attracting the things you do want.

Most people change, and I haven’t met a single person who has stayed the same. That includes likes, dislikes, lifestyle and physicality. If we know we change an awful lot, holding a lot of items won’t help us. In fact, what we need is less. Life can be pretty simple if we eliminated a lot of it, and bought more thoughtfully and presently.

So it’s not just about tidying up your closets and mess here and there, it’s about clearing the old, ready for the new, everyday.

– Jeanie


Foundation Brush VS Make Up Sponge

Foundation Brush VS Make Up Sponge

Now girlies, have you ever wondered if buying a foundation brush is better than a make up sponge?

Well, there are many pros and cons with using both, but the main reason for using different tools is to get the desired effect you are after!

You have to assess what you are trying to achieve, taking a look at your complexion and the final finish to your look. In my case, I have the awkward T-Zone issue whereby my forehead, nose and chin get oily in a matter of  4-5 hours after applying it.

I look for a product and the best method to get a matte look!

The main things you need to look out for, is setting up the routine, not so much the type of sponge you’re buying.

You will need to wet the sponge by running it under the water for about 10-15 seconds, whilst squeezing out the excess during and once after. And voila, you will have a damp sponge!

Apply your foundation to it, or to your face, whichever you prefer and begin to gently dot your face. Don’t insist on swiping it , because it will leave your foundation uneven, with some areas more covered than others.

Next step is to let it dry, before setting your powder on top of it. I tend to use a scrap of paper to just fan my face or get on with other housework in the morning. This helps with your powder to gently rest on top of your make up, instead of the powder having to dry your foundation before completing it’s final finish. The job of the powder is to set the makeup, not dry it.

So depending how damp the sponge is, and how much foundation you have applied, you will need to fan for longer until it is set!

You’ll have a matte and medium coverage look with this method. I prefer having a fuller coverage for more important events, or over the weekend. I don’t tend to play with my makeup so much throughout the weekdays.

Using a foundation brush is a bit simpler, because no damping is involved, and it’s more about the brush strokes you do. Both have a similar effect, but the key difference for me is using a brush doesn’t keep my makeup matte for the day. I find it gets oily quicker. I also feel that I use more foundation on my face with this technique because sometimes the foundation dries so quickly using a brush, leaving stroke marks on my face. This ends with me putting on more make up to cover it up, and in turn gets me more oiler! (Never ending battle).

So all in all, I think using a sponge is actually easier for beginners, because the foundation can be spread and added as required. It seems with a brush, it’s the end of and you will have to adjust and correct your mistakes with it. And as I said earlier, for me, it’s about keeping my face fresh and touch up free… So it’ll always be the sponge for me until the next method comes along that I need to test out!

– Jeanie xoxo


Korean Cuisine | Topokki, Birmingham

Korean Cuisine | Topokki, Birmingham

Time for a quick tale in Birmingham city again, where this restaurant was another random find on one of our discovery walks.

One of the main reasons why we decided to take a gamble on this place one lonesome weekday evening, was that the tables were filled with people with a bustling energy emanating from the glass windows. The decor and atmosphere was modern, chic and well lit – making the entire place seem more inviting compared to the other eateries.

As we sat down we were greeted warmly by a lady who handed our simple menus, that displayed an array of meat dishes, but did include some vegetarian ones.

I decided to choose a staple dish from Korea, the bibimbap. It is one of the classics that I have tried before in Manchester, and wanted to see if the restaurant lived up to its popularity.

We didn’t actually order any starters, but instead I chose one of my favourite dishes from my earlier experience, kimchi, this gorgeous pancake style potato with herbs (don’t quote me on that, I am actually unsure what is in it – I just know it tastes good!).We treated this sharer dish as one of our sides to tear into during our main course.

A humorous detour to the story was that a chicken bibimbap arrived instead of a vegetarian one. They did swap it out and cook a new one, but apart from their meekish apology, they didn’t offer any discounts or free drinks/desserts. I usually wouldn’t expect this, but the manner of their service and lack of waiters they had on the evening was a bit of a pitfall to me!

Anyhow, when the food came it was piping hot and I had asked earlier for the hot sauce to be separate to the main dish, incase it was too hot to handle (ooo la la). The dish itself was quite dry and I did indeed use the hot sauce, but I felt it was too difficult to taste any of the original flavours such as the egg and vegetables, which made me question if I would visit there again.

My partner had ordered fried noodles and stated the previous place in the city called ‘Min Min’ (click here for link) tasted better.

I don’t know whether it was the fact bibimbaps are quite plain and don’t have stand out features, but I was more intrigued by how the place and food looked compared to how everything actually tasted and felt.

My little score tips are below:

(For not doing more for the customer when you gave a vegetarian person meat and didn’t notice)

– Jeanie

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

For some people, their face type can be dry, sensitive or just oily all around. Well, I am the last category. I have the well known T-zone situation going on everyday so I need something that can last me all day, and not require me to powder my face every bathroom break.

I was introduced to this when my family took a trip to Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet. They have a small cosmetic store (along with fab discounted prices) that included plenty of brand names, like MAC, Bobbi Brown and Smash Box. I was running low on my usual foundation MaxFactor, and wanted to try something new.

A lady was kind enough to tell me about their Estee Lauder range, describing the properties, appearance and consistency of the product and we did a colour match before I purchased my first bottle.

I haven’t looked back since.


My face appears to be smoother, giving me a full coverage without using too much of the foundation. The best thing is I don’t have to powder my face ONCE through the working day (the usual 9-5), and my face is still looking flawless and on point.

I only get slight oil on my nose, but my face is ready to go on to the evening. The foundation also works well as a primer for your eyeshadows. The colours glide on effortlessly and do not crease, another plus in my book.

Overall, this magical wonder beats the MAC foundation in my opinion, simply because it does not oil like the rest throughout the day. My main objectives was to find something that produced a oil free palette and gave me the coverage I wanted. This product delivered.

LITTLE NOTE: If you do not want the full glam look, you can use the foundation sparingly and it creates a natural finish to your everyday wear. Versatile indeed.

– Jeanie

Evening Catch Up | Min Min Noodle Bar, Birmingham

Evening Catch Up | Min Min Noodle Bar, Birmingham

This was one of the first planned evening’s out with my close friend that I met earlier this year, so to say the least it was an important night to me. Our plans had changed that day, including the location of the restaurant, so quickly thinking on my feet so we chose to go to Min Min, a Vietnamese/Japanese galore about 5 minutes away from town.

Min Min is one of my go to guilty pleasures as they never fail me. I wouldn’t class the place as a restaurant because the atmosphere always feels more casual, so I tend to view it as a stop off evening meal after a long day of shopping or exploring the city. Nevertheless, their food is always impeccable and consistent.

img_0137img_0138Needless to say, the quality of their food was the same and their service was on point. Their main menu is tailored towards meat eaters and we usually ask for their exclusive veggie menu for better choices. I’ve always thought Asian food was simple enough to cut out the meat and replace with vegetables, or tofu, and boy does their vegetarian  dishes shine against normal ones.

I ordered my usual, vegetable tempura as my starter and thai style hot and sour ho fun noodle soup (flat rice noodles) with veggie fish pieces. They came in a timely manner and their food came hot, which is always appreciated as all foodies out there know! The tempura was in a light batter and filled me up just enough before the main course came.

And wow, when it came was it warm and cuddly. It came in a big bowl that I swear could fit my head in (you know the type, the one where you put vapour rub in to steam away your cold). It took me a while to eat through it all, with all the little additions like bamboo shoots, bak choi (chinese lettuce) and sweetcorn making this super fun to eat.

img_0140img_0143The background chatter made the evening quaint and cosy, which finished off the evening nicely. The staff never rush you away, so you feel welcome to stay all night catching up and giggling at old stories with your friends.

If you ever want to explore something new and that is relatively cheaper than big chain restaurants, nip into Min Min as it is a food haven that is honest, treats you right and feeds you well. Always a winner in my book.


TOP TIP: It can be a bit chilly in the restaurant, so wrap up warm if you plan on staying for a long extended chat with your besties ❤

– Jeanie