Korean Cuisine | Topokki, Birmingham

Korean Cuisine | Topokki, Birmingham

Time for a quick tale in Birmingham city again, where this restaurant was another random find on one of our discovery walks.

One of the main reasons why we decided to take a gamble on this place one lonesome weekday evening, was that the tables were filled with people with a bustling energy emanating from the glass windows. The decor and atmosphere was modern, chic and well lit – making the entire place seem more inviting compared to the other eateries.

As we sat down we were greeted warmly by a lady who handed our simple menus, that displayed an array of meat dishes, but did include some vegetarian ones.

I decided to choose a staple dish from Korea, the bibimbap. It is one of the classics that I have tried before in Manchester, and wanted to see if the restaurant lived up to its popularity.

We didn’t actually order any starters, but instead I chose one of my favourite dishes from my earlier experience, kimchi, this gorgeous pancake style potato with herbs (don’t quote me on that, I am actually unsure what is in it – I just know it tastes good!).We treated this sharer dish as one of our sides to tear into during our main course.

A humorous detour to the story was that a chicken bibimbap arrived instead of a vegetarian one. They did swap it out and cook a new one, but apart from their meekish apology, they didn’t offer any discounts or free drinks/desserts. I usually wouldn’t expect this, but the manner of their service and lack of waiters they had on the evening was a bit of a pitfall to me!

Anyhow, when the food came it was piping hot and I had asked earlier for the hot sauce to be separate to the main dish, incase it was too hot to handle (ooo la la). The dish itself was quite dry and I did indeed use the hot sauce, but I felt it was too difficult to taste any of the original flavours such as the egg and vegetables, which made me question if I would visit there again.

My partner had ordered fried noodles and stated the previous place in the city called ‘Min Min’ (click here for link) tasted better.

I don’t know whether it was the fact bibimbaps are quite plain and don’t have stand out features, but I was more intrigued by how the place and food looked compared to how everything actually tasted and felt.

My little score tips are below:

(For not doing more for the customer when you gave a vegetarian person meat and didn’t notice)

– Jeanie


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