Organised Jungle

Organised Jungle

An organised jungle, in my definition is making art within the chaos. I’ve never been one to live in a physical mess, but I think mentally it does me in if I see things out of place. But more to the point, it just makes my life seem more difficult to move about when I’ve misplaced things, or even worse, in a rush to find what I need and having to substitute. Everybody’s worst nightmare.

I wanted to share some tips to help make your life that little bit easier for those busy mornings, rushed events and crazy evenings out…

Daily Shots

  • Do prepare the night before, because if you don’t, you will cost yourself sweat and wrinkles.. Something we know we don’t need.
  • Check your food inventory before going out to the shops, as it’ll save you time browsing too long and buying something you didn’t particularly want in the first place (avoids any unplanned purchases).
  • Tidy as you go so the job doesn’t seem as big when you come to clearing it all up. You could have a family member, friend or partner help you.

Organising your clutter

  • Do spend time looking at your clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery. Ask yourself if you would still wear that item 6 months on. If you haven’t worn it in 6 months (except for swimwear), it’s got to go ladies!
  • Colour coordinate your wardrobe to make your life easier and more fun when getting dressed up in the morning.
  • Roll up your clothes if space is an issue.
  • Keep little bits and bobs in boxes/containers so it’s neat and tidy, and most importantly in ONE PLACE.
  • Place shoes you don’t wear very often in clear boxes and stack them. You’ll see what you have, whilst having it in an orderly manner.
  • Heck, box anything that is fiddly and untidy, it is perfect for electronic equipment as wires always get tangled with everything else.

My biggest lesson is just letting go of things I don’t use, or see often. If I don’t think of it, and I don’t use it, it needs to go. By all means, there will be sentimental items, and those can be stored separately. I like to showcase my pieces by framing it, or giving them a spotlight on our TV stand. Having sentimental objects in your eye view will make you appreciate them more.

A good old clear out is what most people need. You can’t add more to your life because you physically and mentally have no space. Sometimes a thorough review of your inventory is just what you need to start attracting the things you do want.

Most people change, and I haven’t met a single person who has stayed the same. That includes likes, dislikes, lifestyle and physicality. If we know we change an awful lot, holding a lot of items won’t help us. In fact, what we need is less. Life can be pretty simple if we eliminated a lot of it, and bought more thoughtfully and presently.

So it’s not just about tidying up your closets and mess here and there, it’s about clearing the old, ready for the new, everyday.

– Jeanie


I Choose To Be Happy

However you look at it, life begins with birth and it ends with death.

It is something that cannot pass us, and it is something that we simply cannot avoid nor control.

As time goes on, I choose to be happy because living in a negative state just gets me plain upset, worried and doubtful of everything happening either in my future or past.

I surround myself with positive beings, idols, music, workouts and food to keep me mentally and spiritually on a divine path. It balances my energy and keeps me motivated and strong everyday to overcome easy objections, starting with your mind.

Do not doubt your mind’s resistance towards your path’s creativeness and goals in life. It will catch you every where you turn. Those objections, excuses and stupid reasoning is exactly why people are in the same position they are in day in day out BECAUSE they have not made the choice to be the person they imagine themselves to be.

Actually look at the opportunities around you, the connections you have with others, the way a blade of a grass blows in a vast field. Everything has a motion, and everything is simple. Go with the flow of life and open your eyes to the possibilities around you. Focusing on the problems will only make you think of dark areas in your life currently or in the past, which will not help stabilise you to attract more into your life.

Choosing to be happy is a mission. Not something people stumble upon. It is a moving, forever changing piece of art that needs to be polished up and adapted from time to time.

Don’t forget that.

– JK